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All prices include 12 months of comprehensive dietician, behavioral, and exercise support.


Starting at $6,995

ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss System is a non-surgical procedure that helps patients establish and maintain long-term weight loss.

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Bariatric Revision

Starting at $6,995

Bariatric revision is a non-surgical procedure for patients who have regained weight after a gastric bypass procedure.

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The AspireAssist

Starting at $8,495

The AspireAssist is a clinically proven, non-surgical weight loss solution with long-term results that reinforces healthy eating habits.

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Starting at $9,995

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty is a non-surgical, incisionless, minimally invasive procedure to reduce the size of the stomach to promote weight loss.

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Medical Nutrition Therapy

Starting at $199

Medical nutrition therapy is a program that allows patients to receive evaluation, a customized diet plan, and ongoing monitoring for weight loss.

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