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The 7 Best Foods for Weight Loss and Why

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When you’ve decided that you’re committed to losing weight, making goals can sometimes seem insurmountable. It’s definitely difficult to get into an “eating well and exercising regularly” routine, and it’s perfectly acceptable to start out slow. Many patients who desire to lose weight are not aware of the fact that certain foods can help jumpstart weight loss. It’s not all about counting calories or burning calories at the gym (although both can be important). Read on to learn about seven foods that can help boost your weight loss and how you can incorporate them into your daily regimen. 

How to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss with the Best Foods

Many of the different foods mentioned below also have other benefits that help promote overall health, such as antioxidant properties or being correlated with the prevention of certain diseases. Losing weight is a mind-body goal overall. Your mindset needs to be strong and persistent, and many foods that jumpstart weight loss will also contribute to your overall well-being and health. So as your body begins to feel improvement, your mind will follow, as you notice you have increased energy and stamina, and simply feel better when you’re not eating a lot of heavy fats or junk food. 

Some healthy fats and carbs are okay, but it’s important to know which is which. One of the most important things about losing weight when it comes to eating properly is having a balanced diet. Ergo, it’s perfectly okay to “cheat” occasionally—but remember to incorporate these superfoods as much as possible to try to feel and look your best. 


Barley has many other advantages other than being associated with weight loss. It has very low fat, is high in fiber, and has virtually no cholesterol, making it a perfect food to ingest when you’re trying to keep the pounds off. Barley is also associated with the prevention of diabetes and promotes lower blood sugar. It is also thought to prevent osteoporosis and promote cardiovascular health. However, you may be unsure of how to cook barley. Fundamentally, it has a rice-like consistency (think of canned beef and barley soup). While each recipe is different, it’s primarily prepared the same way, and you can also add anything you’d like to it, such as lean protein, broccoli, or cheese. 

Green Tea

Nearly everyone has heard of the antioxidant benefits of green tea, and you may see green tea sold in various forms, such as capsules and powders. The best way to reap the benefits of a substance is to always ingest it in its natural form—so drinking green tea is best if you want its antioxidant benefits. This is due to an ingredient called epigallocatechin—but the good news about this is that it also speeds up metabolism, which helps you process food more quickly. Green tea is also ideal for mild body detoxes, which helps you rid the body of harmful toxins. Green tea is also thought to lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease and certain cancers. If you want an extra boost in your cup, add a squeezed slice of lemon, which is also a mild weight-loss booster. 


Turmeric is another notable weight-loss booster, but also a substance that the everyday patient may not know how to cook with. Turmeric is ideal for making soups, salad dressings, and can be part of a marinade on chicken. You can also decide to buy turmeric or its ingredient curcumin as capsules or powders for ingestion. Curcumin has been known to have anti-inflammatory properties, and this can help reduce inflammation in those who are obese, as well as those trying to lose weight. 


It may be surprising to some, but oatmeal is packed with protein (has as much as eating an egg without the cholesterol) and is also a good source of fiber. A study also reported that eating oatmeal instead of regular cereal (corn flakes) in the morning resulted in less calorie consumption and also led to participants feeling more full throughout the day. You can get even more fiber by adding chia seeds or berries to your oatmeal, but for maximum weight loss boost, don’t add sugar or milk. 

Beans and Legumes

To jumpstart weight loss, it’s a good idea to eat beans or legumes with your lunch and dinner every day. It’s not necessary to eat a whole can, so if your intake is around 3 to 4 tablespoons per day, you’re eating the correct amount. Beans have a tendency to make you feel full and satisfied without upping your fat or calorie intake. Beans are also correlated with a lower risk of contracting colorectal cancer, as they are resistant-to-starch food. Beans and legumes are also packed with minerals, vitamins, and proteins, literally making them a superfood. Consuming any type of beans or legumes is excellent, from lentils, to kidney beans, chickpeas, and black beans. 


Bananas are packed with potassium and should be a part of your daily diet regimen. Like other foods that help boost weight loss, having one banana as a snack can help you feel fuller between meals, thereby lessening your chances to reach for unhealthy foods. You can certainly put several bananas in a smoothie for breakfast, or simply peel one in between meals. Bananas are also high in fiber and contain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, and magnesium.

Goji Berries

Goji berries are a popular snack packed with antioxidants. Similarly to bananas, if you reach for these in between meals as a snack, not only can goji berries satisfy your craving for sweetness, they can also help you feel fuller between meals. These are also a great addition to your oatmeal that you should be having for breakfast, or as an addition to a salad.

Other Weight-Busting Foods

There are quite a few other weight-busting foods to note. Certain oils, such as olive oil and coconut oil, are great to use in cooking in place of butter, margarine, or vegetable oil. Veggies such as avocado, broccoli, and spinach are some of the best choices to reach for when you’re preparing dinner and want a hearty veggie. Broccoli is high in chromium, which helps you metabolize fats and proteins, and spinach is high in magnesium and helps lower blood sugar. There are several other fruits to reach for if you want a healthy, weight-busting snack, such as pomegranate seeds, blueberries, apples, and lemon. Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is also a top choice and contains needed probiotics.

Black coffee without additives can also be a healthy weight-busting tool. Not only does coffee give you energy, but it also boosts your metabolism and helps curb your appetite between meals. Of course, caffeine should be consumed in moderation. Red wine can also be consumed in moderation—it promotes heart health and is full of antioxidants. 

When it comes to snacks, you can reach for rice cakes, pistachios, bagels, hummus, almonds, dark chocolate, and pine nuts. Some of these foods are easily added to other superfoods, such as oatmeal or smoothies. There’s always a way to sneak in healthy foods. 

Other veggies and fruits to note include grapefruit, Brussels sprouts, chili peppers, artichokes, watermelon (which is also a great idea for a smoothie), sweet potatoes, celery, and collard greens. These fat-burning foods can be added to cold pasta for a delicious meal or snack. 

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