Endoscopic Weight Loss: Where We Stand And What’s To Come

In 2017,  endoscopic weight loss had an exciting year. The proven ORBERA® balloon system continued to demonstrate excellent outcomes and safety, helping close to 300,000 patients to date. And new studies confirmed the remarkable results that can be achieved with The AspireAssist device.

For us at NEW You, watching our patients meet and exceed their weight loss goals is truly rewarding. We are witnessing lives change, attitudes and outlooks improve, and bodies transform. Our patients are incredible and we love working with them on achieving their goals.

Our current procedural offerings are comprehensive, and we are proud to be the only dedicated endoscopic weight loss center in the region. But we are also constantly looking ahead, and this is a rapidly advancing field. So, let’s take a moment to see what advances are on the way.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasy (ESG)

ESG, also known as the Accordion Procedure, is a non-surgical, fully endoscopic procedure whereby the stomach size is reduced by 70% via internal suturing. This is similar to a surgical sleeve gastrectomy, but is fully incisionless. This cutting-edge procedure leads to 20% total body weight loss and is performed on a same-day, outpatient basis. Stay tuned: we will be launching our ESG program early this year!

Endoscopic Outlet Revision

If you’ve had a traditional Roux-en-Y gastric bypass but have regained weight, it may be because the opening from your stomach pouch (the “outlet”) has enlarged, leading to less fullness and restriction. Now, in a brief outpatient endoscopic procedure, the outlet can be reduced in size, leading to further weight loss. We will be launching our outlet revision program along with ESG. Stay tuned!

Elipse Balloon

This is truly a revolutionary concept. The Elipse balloon is swallowed, filled with fluid, and then after 4 months an internal valve opens, allowing the balloon to deflate and pass through the digestive tract. In other words, NO endoscopy is needed for placement or removal. Early studies show real promise, and a multi-center US study is now underway. This may be available in the next several years.

Spatz Balloon

The Spatz3 balloon is a fluid filled balloon, very similar to ORBERA®, but is adjustable. With ORBERA®, once the balloon is filled with saline, it cannot be adjusted. But Spatz allows the addition, or removal, of fluid after it is placed. This is performed endoscopically. We know that some patients have severe nausea with intragastric balloons, and this would be a way to start with a smaller size, allowing the stomach to adjust, then upsizing for further weight loss. Or the balloon could be temporarily downsized if nausea is severe. The Spatz balloon is available internationally, but will still need to complete a US study before it can be FDA approved.

Transpyloric Shuttle

This device is designed specifically to slow stomach emptying. Much like an ORBERA® balloon, the Shuttle sits at the bottom of the stomach and causes food to exit more slowly. But the mechanism is different. The devices actually slides in an out of the pylorus (the opening that connects your stomach to your intestine) along with food, but the internal balloon-like device is too large to actually exit. So it bobs, or shuttles, back and forth. This slows emptying and leads to weight loss. This device is placed and removed endoscopically. A multi-center US study is currently enrolling patients.

Stay tuned for further updates as we launch future treatment options. We are looking forward to helping many more patients achieve their goals this year!


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