ESG Procedures vs. Weight Loss Surgery

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It’s only natural to feel a little anxious before an operation. One of the facets of weight loss surgery that makes patients most anxious is the fact that the procedure is … surgery. Even if it’s a type that requires very little risk, every surgical procedure is invasive to some degree, and even with the best of care there’s a level of nervousness going in. Now more than ever, there are new weight loss procedures that have been approved by the FDA to be less invasive than typical weight loss surgeries (such as laparoscopic surgery). However, are they as effective? Read on to learn about a study that compared laparoscopic surgery and endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) with very surprising results.

What Is Laparoscopic Surgery?

Laparoscopy is a surgery not just designed for weight loss; in fact, it’s a minimally invasive surgery also approved for tubal ligation, pelvic disorders, and other stomach or OB/GYN issues. For weight loss surgery, a laparoscope is used to view the stomach after a small incision is made. Using the tool, a gastric band is inserted that collars the top section of the stomach. This essentially divides the stomach, causing a decreasing absorption of calories from that point on. It is a generally effective surgery with minimal risk–but it is still surgery.

What Is ESG?

ESG is an even less invasive experience than laparoscopic gastric band surgery. During endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, the stomach is reduced in size by folding the stomach into sections using stitches. This procedure reduces the stomach size by up to 70 percent. It is not considered surgery, because no incisions are made during the procedure, the stomach is accessed from within via an endoscope. ESG also semi-permanently changes the shape of the stomach for up to two years, making it a very effective method of treatment when it comes to weight loss.

Laparoscopic Surgery and ESG, Compared

In a recent study that compared gastric band surgery head-to-head with ESG, there were several outcomes of note. First of all, ESG carries the lowest risk between the two procedures and is touted as the procedure of choice, especially for those who are unable to have surgery for one reason or another. There are many patients who have struggled with weight loss for years–trying a better diet, more exercise, and myriad other options–but because they are unable to have surgery, are faced with very few treatment options. The simplicity and effectiveness of ESG will help many patients for whom surgery is not an option.

Also, in this study, which followed 278 obese men and women post-surgery or post-procedure for one year, patients lost much more body weight (18 percent) with ESG than those who used surgical options (14 percent). Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) provided the most weight loss for patients (29 percent); however, it was associated with more complications and problems than ESG.

Also, ESG patients were in and out of the hospital or their physician’s office the same day, allowing them to return to work or regular activities much sooner. Other weight loss surgical procedures typically require an overnight hospital stay, and some patients need to stay even longer.

ESG was also beneficial when it came to other health-related problems associated with diabetes. For example, patients who underwent ESG saw reductions in hypertension, diabetes, and hypertriglyceridemia. ESG can also be even more effective in the long term if patients are able to begin a moderate exercise routine and switch to healthier habits and foods. This is often accomplished with the help of a coach or cognitive behavioral therapy.

If you are looking for the perfect non-surgical weight loss solution, especially when you’ve already exhausted many options, ESG may be the best choice for the NEW You. Make an appointment today with NEW You Weight Loss to discuss all of your weight loss options and to learn more about ESG or other endoscopy procedures. We’re here to help you set goals and reach them.


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