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In a recent television commercial promoting a method to quit smoking, a father misses his son’s winning shot in a basketball game. The tagline simply states, “Every great why needs a great how.” The father wants to be there for his son. He found his why. Finding the why is not only for those who need to quit smoking—but it is for everyone who has a big goal to reach, including weight loss goals. Being overweight is a complicated issue. Each individual has his or her own story. To some, food provides comfort, eases stress, or is associated with showing love. For others, it is a social habit that slowly added up over the years.

Studies show that the same areas of the brain affected by addiction to drugs or alcohol are also affected by junk food. Our brains have to be re-educated to break the addiction. When you add the increasing lack of exercise in our daily lives, huge portions at restaurants, and busy lives that often require “fast” solutions, it really is not surprising that the obesity epidemic in our country is growing. While the journey toward obesity may take different paths, the journey toward a healthy weight starts at NEW You Weight Loss. It is time to stop focusing on causes and turn our attention toward lasting solutions. The first step is to find your why.

Finding Your Why

The difficult process of losing weight must first begin with a decision. Just like the pathway to obesity, each person has to find his or her own reason to finally end the cycle of weight gain. No one can be guilted into the decision. Losing weight for the wrong reasons only sets you up for failure and the dangerous cycle of losing and gaining. But the opposite can also be true. Losing weight for the right reason can lead to real lasting success. Making up your mind for yourself is the first step.

For some, it’s wanting to be healthy or to age with fewer medications and pain; for others, it’s wanting to be there for your children or grandchildren. Has something popped into your mind? This may sound corny, but speak it out loud. Find a mirror, take a good look at yourself, and speak your why. Make it part of your conscious decision to forever change your life. Others have gone before you and share the success stories. In each one, you will find that person’s why. Are you ready to be the star of your own success story?

You Have The Why, We Have The How

At NEW You Weight Loss, we offer several state-of-the-art, non-surgical approaches to real weight loss that do not permanently alter your digestive tract. The ORBERA® balloon procedure provide the mechanism to cut your food intake. The AspireAssist is a weight loss solution that allows you to safely and effectively remove food from your stomach after eating. But we don’t stop there. NEW You Weight Loss will partner with you for 12 months to help you establish the right exercise routine and to develop good nutrition habits. Curious? Find out more about our procedures here, and make a request for a consultation today.


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