When You Lose The Pounds, You Might Also Lose The Headaches

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If you’re looking for another reason to drop some extra weight you may be carrying, evidence is showing a link between weight loss and the loss of something else—pain from migraines. The recent study was conducted using 473 patients and studying the frequency, duration, and pain intensity of migraines in obese individuals. Results showed that all three of those factors improved after weight loss as a result of either weight loss surgery or behavioral intervention. These results were found in both adults and children.

What Is A Migraine?

Pretty much everyone experiences headaches from time to time, and sometimes daily. For many, these headaches can be solved with a few painkillers, some water, and a little bit of rest. But it’s important to understand the difference between a regular headache and a migraine. Migraines can cause intense pain that can affect your vision, cause nausea, and even extreme sensitivity to light and sounds. Many people who suffer from migraines have a hard time functioning normally when one comes on.

How Are Migraines Associated With Weight?

Migraines can happen to anyone, and they are actually associated with genetics in some cases. According to the American Migraine Association, there is a high level of association with obesity and migraines, with up to 50% increased risk of attacks in both adults and adolescents. This relation can be traced to increased inflammation from obesity, hormones, and proteins released in your body as a result of carrying too much weight, or as a result of a poor diet.

What Are My Options For Weight Loss?

Chances are, if you’re visiting the team at NEW You Weight Loss, losing weight is probably already on your mind. Even if you have already tried weight loss on your own and haven’t had the success you were looking for, we have a solution to fit your needs. We offer a host of services that are designed to work with varying needs and varying amounts of desired weight loss. With our weight loss intervention options, combined with counseling and a change in diet and lifestyle, you can lose the extra weight you’ve been wanting to lose. And who knows, with that loss, you may also see a loss in pain from headaches and migraines.


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