Meet Susie Rogers, Winner of the 10K ORBERA Challenge

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You’ll find amazing stories and testimonials when it comes to patients who have used the ORBERA® managed weight loss system. In fact, one patient of NEW You Weight Loss, Susie Rogers, was the winner of the 2018 10K ORBERA Challenge. There are many like Susie, but read on to hear part of her weight loss journey.

Hitting a Wall

Like so many other men and women, Susie hit a wall at middle age. At the age of 50, she started gaining weight, her divorce was finalized, and then she experienced depression. Like so many others, setting weight loss goals at this point seemed out of reach. Susie also suffers from asthma, so exercise wasn’t an option as she couldn’t even climb a flight of stairs without being out of breath.

Needing a Change

Susie realized that she needed a change, so she went to her family physician for advice. The doctor recommended gastric bypass, and while this is a  successful method of weight loss for many, Susie knew it wasn’t an option for her. There was way too much downtime and too much time out of work. Susie needed something effective, but non-invasive. And then, she read about ORBERA®.

Making the Decision

On her 52nd birthday, Susie decided to opt for the ORBERA® managed weight loss system. In just a short amount of time, Susie was down 93 lbs. and dropped from a size 18 in pants to a size 6. Now, she can also work out at the gym without being short of breath.

It also must be mentioned that since winning the ORBERA® Challenge, Susie has gone on to sign a modeling contract and has scored a higher-paying job. She says, “Now my biggest problem in life now is who I’m going to go out with on Saturday night. I would have never believed seven months would have changed my life so drastically!”


ORBERA® is a non-invasive procedure, in which a gastric balloon is placed in the stomach. Because of the balloon, you feel fuller faster and aren’t tempted to eat large portions at one sitting. Not only does the gastric balloon train your stomach to feel full, it also helps train your brain by practicing healthier eating, diet, and exercise habits. The balloon only takes 10 to 15 minutes to insert and is removed six months later.

ORBERA® works great for a number of individuals who have been struggling with weight loss and are moderately overweight. While each person’s ORBERA® experience is different, a clinical study showed an average of 21.8 pounds of weight loss per person. However, someone who is motivated and dedicated–like Susie–could be on track to losing a lot more weight.

It is important to note that the biggest ORBERA® success stories come for those who start practicing new and healthier habits the day that the gastric balloon is inserted. As the balloon is only temporary (six months), the goal is that patients will keep the weight off with their new eating and exercise habits. It’s a fantastic idea to work with a nutritionist and physician on your diet as you begin ORBERA®.

ORBERA® is also not for those who are pregnant or nursing, or who have already had gastric bypass surgery. Also, those who take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on a regular basis (like aspirin and ibuprofen) should not try ORBERA®.

If you need more information on ORBERA® or want to hear more about different weight loss options, contact NEW You Weight Loss today with any questions you may have. We’re here to help you live your best life.


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