Too Much Belly Fat Doesn’t Just Stay In Your Belly

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If you think that carrying too much weight around your midsection just leads to discomfort and a change in your physical appearance, a new study is showing otherwise. It turns out that this extra weight due to additional fat in your belly can cause your mind to function differently.

What Does Belly Fat Have To Do With My Mind?

A recent study conducted by Trinity College Dublin followed a group of over 5,000 adults aged 60 and up, and measured different cognitive functions. The different assessments included a mini-mental state examination, frontal assessment battery, and repeatable battery for the assessment of neuropsychological status. The researchers saw that there was a relationship between having a higher waist to hip ratio and experiencing impaired cognitive functions. The same relationship was not linked when only observed using BMI as an indicator.   

What Is It About Belly Fat Specifically?

Since the relationship wasn’t observed between participants with a high BMI when compared to simply having a high waist to hip ratio, research is indicating that there could be a secretion of C-reactive proteins and hemoglobins in those who carry extra weight along their midsection. The release of this type of protein has previously been linked to cognitive issues. Since BMI only measures your overall height and weight ratio, not factoring in the weight of muscle to fat, it isn’t always a perfect indicator of health and health issues.

What Can I Do To Lose Weight In A Targeted Area?

As anyone who has ever gone on a weight loss journey can tell you, it’s not possible to target where you’re going to lose weight simply through diet or other weight loss plans. Everyone gains weight in different areas of their body and the same goes for how it’s lost. Including a focused exercise plan when trying to lose weight can help strengthen your core muscles, reducing some of the fat that can tend to collect around your stomach.

What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight?

There really isn’t any such thing as the best way to lose weight. Every person will have an individual approach to weight loss, some of them achieving these goals faster and easier than others. Luckily, NEW You Weight Loss has a host of solutions that can help anyone struggling with needing to lose a significant amount of weight. Whatever option you may choose comes along with an assessment which will determine what option is best, pre-surgical consultations, and follow-ups to make sure you’re on the right track and to determine if you need additional services in order to reach and maintain your goals.  

If you find yourself ready to lose weight you’ve gained either gradually over the years or if you have recently begun to struggle with your weight, you can request a consultation today to determine what solution will work for you. Some of the NEW You Weight Loss options include permanent physical changes to your digestive system, while others implement temporary solutions designed to jumpstart your weight loss then continue through a combination of diet, exercise, and nutritional counseling. As soon as you’re ready to get started on changing your life, contact NEW You Weight Loss and we will help you determine what works for your individual needs and goals.


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