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The AspireAssist

Meet Mike

“I wanted to see my granddaughter grow up and graduate. That was my main motivation for losing weight.”

Mike struggled with weight all his life, but didn’t give it much thought until around the time he became a grandfather, when his doctor told him his weight could shorten his life by as much as 10 years. Multiple diets and a personal trainer hadn’t worked, and gastric bypass wasn’t a good option. That’s when he discovered the AspireAssist. It seemed like an option that could really work, without the issues of surgery.

Scheduling his procedure on a Friday, Mike was back at work on Monday. He quickly realized that success required careful chewing, and that was actually another advantage – it made portion sizes smaller because he ate more slowly. Mike lost 107 pounds with the Aspire Assist.  Today he regularly exercises, focusing on building muscle mass. Another benefit is that Mike no longer has to take any medications for diabetes or blood pressure. He says, “The biggest change in my life with this weight loss is my ability to play with my granddaughter. I’m so much more mobile than before!”

Meet Amber

“It’s not just about losing weight, it teaches you how to control yourself.”

Amber had struggled with being overweight most of her life. She tried multiple diets and even diet pills to lose weight, but nothing worked. When her weight reached 300 pounds, the weight started taking a toll on her body, causing severe pain in her arms and especially in her feet. She knew it was time to try a completely different approach.

As a Certified Nursing Assistant, Amber was familiar with a gastrostomy tube (G-tube), used to deliver nutrients directly to the stomach. It made sense to her that it could also be used to easily take food out of the stomach. AspireAssist helped her lose weight she didn’t think she could lose. It improved her understanding about the significance of smaller portions so she feels in control of her eating habits. Today, Amber makes healthy lifestyle choices such as walking every morning, and even doing Yoga. Her new figure makes it easy to try more things, including clothes shopping at stores she never could before.

Meet Hanna

“I didn’t think I was so overweight…but I was.”

Despite dieting on and off since she was 12, Hanna continued to gain weight as she got older, eventually reaching 247 pounds. As a 35-year-old wife and mom to two middle-school aged boys, “It was hard for me to bend over and tie my shoes, just normal things.” She knew she had to make a change, but surgery seemed too invasive.

Noticing a friend who had recently lost weight, Hanna asked her how she did it. When the friend told her about the AspireAssist, and showed her the button on her skin, Hanna researched online, attended an information session, and signed up. After 10 months she’s lost 77 pounds so far.

The AspireAssist has helped change her overall eating habits. “I don’t eat so fast anymore, because you have to chew properly. So I feel when I’m full now.” Hanna believes that her success is also due to support from her medical team and a support group of others using the same method. She says, “I have so much more energy … I can go for a walk, do errands, and I still have energy to play with the children.”

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