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Meet Tammy

“46 pounds lost and hoping to continue my journey of weight loss."

“I would recommend this procedure to anyone. ORBERA® was the thing I needed to aid me in my weight loss journey! It helped me change my whole mindset and gave me the time (6 months) to adjust my eating habits.

Best thing for me!! 46 pounds lost and hoping to continue my journey of weight loss.”

Meet Karen

“ORBERA® helped me lose weight I have struggled to lose for many years."

“My experience was awesome all around! Everyone from Dr. McGowan to Tiffani to Tenesha were amazing to work with as I went though the entire ORBERA® process. This procedure not only helped me lose weight I have struggled to lose for many years; it taught me that I can survive on much smaller portions than what I was eating before having the balloon inserted.

I highly recommend ORBERA® to anyone who is looking to lose weight and I DEFINITELY recommend Dr. McGowan and his team if you want to ensure success!”

Meet Leanna

“It is fast, effective, and very safe. I am now 63 pounds and counting."

“Began—September 2017 at 235 pounds, rapidly lost [the] first 30 pounds and recovery for the procedure was only half a day. Dr. McGowan and staff were extremely attentive and helpful. I would more than recommend this procedure to anyone looking to lose weight. It is fast, effective, and very safe. I am now 63 pounds and counting.

This procedure is something that builds healthy habits and a new lifestyle. I feel equipped to never let my weight get out of control again.”

Meet Tracy

“This experience with the ORBERA® Balloon and Dr. McGowan has been life changing for me."

“There are a lot of doctors out there but I put my faith and confidence in the BEST. I could not have gone through this journey without him and his support staff. I was taking three blood pressure medications and hated looking in the mirror.

By focusing on the goal in mind each day, I changed my eating habits and feel like I’ve gotten my ‘mojo’ back.”

Meet Christina and Jaime

“I needed to change my life and improve my health. I had to do something, so I could be here to watch my son grow up."

Weighing 275 at age 40 wasn’t the life Christina had envisioned for herself. She had always struggled with her weight, no matter how many different diets she tried. More importantly, Christina didn’t want to pass on unhealthy eating habits to her son. Christina knew she was ready to reshape her life and become a stronger, healthier role model, but didn’t want surgery.

Then she read about ORBERA® in a magazine and was intrigued about the world’s #1 weight loss balloon. She scheduled the balloon placement procedure at a local clinic in Chicago, and says it’s one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Christina committed to changing her diet and exercise efforts and establishing healthy lifestyle habits to last a lifetime. Together, she and her brother Jaime have lost a combined total of 155 lbs with ORBERA®!

Meet Andrew

“I lost 30 lbs. with ORBERA® and have kept the weight off for 5 years."

Andrew wasn’t happy with himself. He used to look in the mirror and wonder if the day would ever come when he would feel comfortable in his own skin. Today Andrew believes trying ORBERA® was a changing point in his life. By his first follow-up appointment he had already lost his first 5 lbs – and that was just the start. By the end of the first 6-months of his ORBERA® weight loss journey Andrew had lost 30 lbs!

While he previously would just eat and eat until he felt over full, he gradually learned to change his eating habits. Between portion control and eating slowly, Andrew was able to change the way he ate, and today feels a sense of accomplishment. The ORBERA® stomach balloon has changed Andrew’s life and he believes it can change yours too.

Meet Clara

“I’m healthier, stronger, and happier than ever before! I’m the best version of myself, thanks to ORBERA®."

Growing up, Clara was extremely active. But when she started a family, she put herself on the backburner. Somewhere along the way, she forgot about herself and lost her self-confidence. Clara knew that she had to make a change when the scale slowly approached 300 lbs and her health started to take a negative turn. She wanted her family to be proud of her, and to feel proud of herself.

Then, she found the FDA-approved ORBERA® intragastric balloon, known worldwide for its success. The simple, non-surgical weight loss solution was exactly what Clara was looking for to reshape her life, and the cost was only a small investment compared to the years of healthy living that it could provide. Today Clara has fallen back in love with exercise, learned the value of a healthy diet, and implements both every day. She’s lost a total of 70 lbs and dropped from a size 22 to a size seven! Thanks to ORBERA®, Clara is proud of who she’s become and is a role model for her entire family.

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